About Me

Hey there! Tanuja here from Mumbai. Welcome to my blog! And glad that you checked out my About page. I am a passionate Tax consultant, Investor, Entrepreneur & an Educator.(And I am a fitness enthusiast & a Tennis-Girl too!). I have been an advisor and educator for Stock Market Investments since 2001.

I write about Taxation, Accountancy, Finance & Compliance on this blog and about Investments on stockinvest2grow.com

My first startup was in Tax consultancy in 2007 and since then till today, I have advised over 1000+trusted clients both Residents and Non-Residents including Individuals, Firms, LLP & corporates. I have a vast experience in Derivative Futures Taxation & Capital Gains.

I also co-founded a Pre-school & daycare called Khilona(2014 till 2020), which was closed down due to pandemic.

I write, speak & consult into Taxation & Investments in Stocks.

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The Long Story

It has never been possible to plan one’s future. The best is to enjoy the surprises that God has in store for us.

My mother, my life. I still wake up every morning and learn that she is not physically present between us.

She has taught me to be disciplined, early-riser, patient, calm and she always lay trust in me, as she was extremely confident about my capabilities.

I have imbibed her reading skill too, which had made her an amazing advisor.

My father, my mentor, my everything. I am fortunate enough to be hard-working like him.

Right from my childhood days, I used to visit my father’s shop and had learned business skills from him.

Coincidentally, my father and I shared our Holiday on a Thursday, from his work and my convent school respectively.

His accounting capability without any errors in those handmade Journals & Ledgers back then in the 1990s was just amazing. I used to sit beside him for hours, just to see how tirelessly he was focused on his work.

I often tell my son about his capability to solve any Math calculation orally without referring to any Calculator, which just impressed me further and I decided to take up Accountancy & Taxation as my profession.

CA course just helped me convert my dream into reality in 2007.

During my articles, I was fortunate enough to work with top CA firms and got good practical experience while working on the job.

Worked with a couple of CA firms from 2007 till 2014. I started Work from Laptop(WFL) and have been working with small to medium-sized clients from 2007 to date.

I have been continuously upskilling my knowledge in various fields of Taxation, Investments in Stock Markets, some life-skills to add value to businesses/clients.

I start my day with Yoga. I enjoy playing tennis the most.

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Investor by passion, Entrepreneur at heart, married to a loving and caring husband blessed with a passionate video editing and coding enthusiast teenager.

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