Age doesn’t have to be a barrier to tennis success

If you are a woman, 40+ years old, and exploring the option to play lawn tennis, as you have finally found some time to pursue your passion, interest, hobby, then you may be able to resonate with my tennis experience and get a fit and healthy mind and body, in a fun and lively environment.

My tennis journey started way back in 1997, while I was in college. It was a summer break and wanted to explore all the activities available in society at that time. Like all other activities, I also wanted to explore lawn tennis. Being sceptical about not being able to stick to tennis for long like in any other activity, due to the urge to learn everything in a short period of time in hand, I just bought a very basic racket to start off with. Played for 2 months and that was all. Never picked up the racket until 2021.

My tennis lifecycle from joining, leaving, and re-joining went on, due to my priorities in life over tennis, right from studies, to a job, to a new beginning with hubby and child, to settle down professionally, to running start-ups, to becoming a consultant, speaker, blogger, to exploring an EdTech in accounting, to life skill update.

Then finally, in 2021, I restarted tennis with a new zeal, now a mother of a teenager, with much more personal and professional commitment but here I am to always give my best to Tennis going forward. That’s why I say tennis is for all age……

The book “Alchemist” quotes “When you wish to achieve something, the whole universe helps you to get it”. The same happened with me as well. While I was practicing daily within my society and with Touch Tennis Academy, I came across Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association women’s tournament, through a few of my friends. Without thinking twice, I went ahead and registered for it in Doubles, and won a Merit certificate for participating. An extremely proud moment to have spent my women’s day playing my 1st Lawn tennis tournament organized by MSLTA.

I was detected with Thyroid in 2021, which led to an increase in my weight. I was of the opinion to try out alternative options before going ahead with a medicinal cure. After researching a lot, I found that taking care of my dietary habits and taking up fitness and sports will help me reverse my Thyroid. My research worked well for me. Lawn tennis, my passion, helped me reverse my Thyroid.

My only reason to write this blog is to inspire and encourage millions of sports enthusiasts across the world, to restart their sports journey with a different mindset, now for their own health and fitness.

There is a big list of the greatest tennis players even in their 40s and still hold several records to their credit. All these tennis players such as Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Mirka Federer prove that “The last best time to start playing tennis was 10 years back, next best time is now”

Why playing tennis is good for you regardless of how old you are
Playing tennis is good for you regardless of how old you are. We are all in our 40s+

Is tennis hard on your body in your 40s?

Playing lawn tennis involves some techniques that you follow to be injury-free. Pre mandatory warm-ups help your muscle to absorb any shock, if any, you may face while playing. Drinking water during regular breaks between sets keeps up your body hydrated and improves your performance while playing. Post stretching exercises, help your muscles to relax.

Lawn Tennis is also a bit slower as compared to Table tennis or Squash, as the ball takes a few seconds to get back from the opponent. This gives you a reasonable amount of time to reposition yourself and get ready to hit the next shot.

It’s definitely a must-try irrespective of your age. It is a much lighter sport when you play with friends of similar levels.

Why playing tennis is good for you regardless of how old you are?

Tennis is an amazing sport, which will help you remain fit. It is pure fun and enjoyment.

Tennis is an excellent workout and exercise without you getting bored.

Lawn tennis is a complete hand-eye coordination sport, thereby increasing your overall concentration. Your flexibility and strength will also be Improved.

Your stamina will build up over time by playing consistently and regularly, by making it a habit in your routine. A healthy habit for a healthy body.

your Cardiovascular Health will keep up to strengthen your heart as well, your blood flowing and burns calories.

It is an excellent ground to network among people, thereby increasing your social recognition and interaction among all other sports enthusiasts.

Lawn tennis also gives you immense confidence, as it improves your body postures.

Your strategic planning ability also improves, while you plan before your every tennis move.

Playing a sport gives you a separate identity of sportsperson, which itself earns you respect among peers and family members.

Sports help you manage stress. All you need is to put on your shoes, pick up your tennis bag, and head to the tennis court and enjoy.

Spending now on sports, fitness, health is always better than spending time on a hospital bed later.

Playing doubles tennis reduces the amount of running and exertion than playing singles.

With age, your metabolism drops, which is why your body needs some extra amount of exercise to keep all body parameters in control in order to digest the food and keep you healthy and fit.

Can adults learn to play tennis?
Can adults learn to play tennis?

3 simple ways to start playing lawn tennis,

  • Find lawn tennis training near you with a tennis court nearby.
  • Purchase the perfect match tennis set for you.
  • Learn to serve, learn forehand, learn backhand, and start your journey.

How long does it take to learn tennis?

Every sport is lifelong learning. The more you will play, the better you will get at playing and enjoying the sport.

Have you ever heard of someone who has cracked a Math Paper, without spending hours on practice?

Experience is learned out of mistakes, and mistakes are made while playing, so keep playing until you become an expert in it, and expertise is achieved only by putting in at least 10,000 hours of practice.

Lawn tennis basics can be learned within a month but the practice is the key to success.

In my journey of the past 1 year, I have learned a lot and am continuously learning every day out of my experience and have started exploring tennis tournaments to get a wider exposure of the sport.

Certificate of Merit for Participating in Lawn Tennis Tournament
Certificate of Merit for Participating in Lawn Tennis Tournament

In Conclusion,

Lawn Tennis at any age is good to start and experience the benefits of health, fitness, stamina, flexibility.

If you like my experience, do like, subscribe, and share my blog with all the tennis and fitness enthusiasts, who believe in the fact that age is no criteria to start.

It’s your turn now.

What’s your story? I would love to know your experiences about your fitness journey, so feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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