Income Tax Compliance Portal: How Shobha resolved Information mismatch

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Just like Google search console is a communication channel to resolve your Website issues on Google search.

The Income Tax Compliance portal is a very simplified online communication channel between taxpayers (you) and the Income Tax Department. It points out any information mismatches as per their database and your Income Tax Return filed and also the easy process to respond online within minutes and resolve the query.

Many people miss considering data from the Annual Information Statement within the Income Tax Portal. This results in a mismatch of Income filed and income as per IT AIS. Then, you receive messages from the IT department to resolve it. If this is not responded to taking into account all information, then you may keep getting repetitive messages till it is resolved correctly.

Just last week my friend Shobha called me up at 10 pm when she received a message from the Income Tax Department about an Information mismatch.

She was completely panicked.

What is this information mismatch?

Shall I call you tomorrow around this time?

You can message me in the meantime with whatever you think I need to know.

Next morning!

Were you able to see what the problem is?

Just then I was about to update her about the way forward, she received another reminder. It said her response is still pending and needs to be submitted.


It gave complete instructions on the way forward,

  • Login to your Income Tax Portal
  • Select Compliance Portal under the pending action Tab
  • On the compliance portal home page, navigate to the e-verification tab.

Reminder kept hitting her inbox till it was finally responded.

Why am I getting these messages? -she asked

2 problems are now corrected and responded to,

Total Dividend as per Income Tax Annual Information Statement showed Rs.4Lacs.

Rs.3Lacs was an information mismatch due to Dividend Income shown under a different head in ITR. – Reported but under a Different head

Rs.1Lac was missed to be added as Dividend Income- Unreported

  1. As per IT AIS, it showed your dividend earned of Rs. 3 Lacs under regular Dividend Income.

Your Total Dividend Income as per Form 26AS and your Income Tax Return has matched of Rs.3Lacs.

But since you are an NRI, your Dividend Income was shown under “Income Taxable at Special Rate” under Sec 115A(1)(a)(1): Dividend Income of Non-Resident while filing your ITR (Income Tax Return)

Hence, a mismatch in information between AIS and your Return filed.

This is resolved simply by submitting a bulk response to Dividend Income in your AIS as “Information in duplicate/included in other income”

2. As per IT AIS, it showed an additional dividend earned of Rs.1Lac under regular Dividend Income.

This is resolved by filing your updated Income Tax Return. Such additional Dividend Income of Rs.1Lac as per AIS is shown under “Income Taxable at Special Rate” under Sec 115A(1)(a)(1): Dividend Income of Non-Resident while filing your ITR (Income Tax Return).

An additional tax and interest thereon were computed.

Since you have already paid the Tax as per the challan shared with you, your Updated ITR is also filed.

The mismatch under the Compliance portal was responded to accordingly.

You will not receive any further messages and all your dues are paid and all information is now matching with the IT AIS report too.

Income Tax Compliance Portal How to Respond?



Respond to Information Mismatch in Compliance Portal after login to your Income Tax Account very easily and avoid any further reminders from Income Tax Department.

If you want to resolve your Information mismatch, send your details to [email protected]

You can also contact me here to resolve your Income Tax Compliance Portal issues.


What is compliance in income tax portal?

You can access your e-Campaign, e-Verification, e-Proceedings and DIN Authentication. Additionally, you can access your annual information statement(AIS) on the Compliance Portal.

How do I respond to compliance portal income tax?

Step 1: Login to the e-filing portal by using the URL Step 2: Click on the ‘Compliance Portal’ link available in “My Account” or “Compliance” tab. Step 3: Click on e-verification tab Step 4: Click on View button against the case Step 5: Select and submit response.

Is it mandatory to reply to compliance portal?

It is important to reply to any information mismatch to avoid tax evasion.

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